Howard Smith

Sweet Kentucky Sunshine

Howard Smith's "Sweet Kentucky Sunshine" CD

Howard is an extremely talented singer/songwriter from Wisconsin's Northwoods who has been hanging on to these songs for over three decades. Thankfully, Roger Bardo convinced Howard that the time had come to record. As any of his fans will tell you, this is CD is long over due.


Featuring Howard's warm voice and skilled guitar playing, the CD was minimally produced. This raw approach captures the music in a way that pulls the listener directly into Howard's world.



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Jim Carlson Music, LLC.

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Track Listing:
Tarry Awhile

Livermore Bridge

Hallelujah I'm a Bum

Looks Like Winter's Come to Stay

For a Cowgirl

Uncle Bud

Sit and Listen

Sweet Kentucky Sunshine

Going Back to Moorman


Mamaw was a Preacher

Fish Outa Water

Until I've Seen the Dawn

Come Mornin'

Woolgathering/Nothing in Particular

Put Your Little Hand in His Big Hand


Songs by Howard Smith

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