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Thurs, Sept 23 2004

City Pages

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Cool Acoustic

Friday 9/24 . Arizona's Lounge, Rib Mountain Saturday 9/25 . Hereford and Hops, Wausau
Jim Carlson is an accomplished acoustic folk singer/songwriter, with a number of regular gigs around town. Friday, he'll be performing as part of "The Jim Carlson Trio" along with fretless bassist Roger Bardo and drummer Brian Miller. They'll play from 8 pm- midnight. There's no cover, but you must be 21 or older. 715-842-0711. Saturday evening, Carlson will bring his more mellow acoustic sound and finger-style guitar pickings to H&H with a show an all ages show. And again, no cover! Carlson will play from 7 pm to 11 pm. 715-849-3700.

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Thurs, May 27 2004

City Pages

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Award-winning fun with Beer

Jim Carlson, all-around music man, will be performing at the Hereford & Hops Gold Award Party. Hereford and Hops recently won the gold award at the Association of Brewers World Cup with its Schwarzbier. Carlson's an accomplished acoustic folk singer/songweriter, and he'll bring his more mellow acoustic sound and finger-style guitar pickings to H&H for an all ages show. Carlson will play from 7 pm to 11 pm, and there's no cover charge. 849-3700

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Thus, Mar 11, 2004

Wausau Daily Herald

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Musician finds his own style of songs


Musicians love to cite the hip artists who ignited their own aspirations. Usually, their less-than-cool defining musical moments get crammed in a corner of their guitar cases.

Local singer-songwriter Jim Carlson has drawn inspiration throughout his career from a wide range of skilled musicians, including John Prine, U2, Ryan Adams and the British band James.

But the Wausau man also has come clean about the performer with negligible indie cred who awakened his desire to live the musical life: Barry Manilow.

"The defining moment is rather embarrassing," said Carlson, 33.

When Carlson was a kid, he wandered into the room when his mom and her friends were watching a TV special featuring the singer who made his name with such treacly tunes as "Mandy" and "I Write the Songs."

"His music isn't that good, but boy did he have command over the women in the room," Carlson said.

"I remember thinking, 'That's cool. I want to be a rock star.'"

For more than 15 years, Carlson has played stages in the area and across the country in a number of bands and as a solo performer. He also has delved into the technical end of the business, producing other artists and working on crews at live performances for local and nationally known musicians. Each year, he runs the stage at Wausau's Big Bull Falls Blues Fest.

Around town, Carlson performs several standing stints at local establishments as a solo artist and with a number of local musicians who regularly drop by his shows to join in. He's also a founding member of the perpetually impetuous band Doc Holiday.

Carlson's sets include his originals and select covers of songs by Prine, U2, Johnny Cash, Grandaddy and other artists he admires.

"I'm not a human jukebox," he said. "If it doesn't mean something to me personally, I don't play it."
Carlson's melodic, minimalist folk songs are as out of vogue as one of Manilow's polyester pantsuits. That's why he titled his first full-length solo release "Out of Fashion."

"The type of music I do will never be the 'American Idol' style," Carlson said. "In today's musical climate, I'm as out of fashion as I can be."

The album, which came out in January 2003, has found a significant audience, despite its not-quite-primed-for-Top-40 sound, Carlson said. He's working on two follow-ups - a mellow album that will highlight his finger-style guitar work and a more rock-oriented release.

"I really enjoy the folk stuff, but there's a part of me that wants to get out and growl and have a little fun," he said.

After years of immersion in all aspects of the music business, Carlson has refined what he wants as an artist. And it's not universal popularity.

"What I do isn't for everyone," he said. "I'm at a stage of my career musically that I'm OK with some people not liking what I do."

Carlson never might play to arena-size audiences as he fantasized about as a kid, but he said he derives a great amount of satisfaction from performing his music in the more intimate setting of a coffeehouse or bar.

"That communication with a small group of people - it's what keeps me going."

C.E. Hanifin, Wausau Daily Herald

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Thurs, Jan 29 2004

City Pages

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Jim Carlson

Jim Carlson is the all-around music man. In addition to his solo gigs, he also plays occasionally with the rock band Doc Holiday. Solo, Carlson's an accomplished acoustic folk singer songwriter, with a number of regular gigs around town. He'll bring his more mellow acoustic sound and finger-style guitar pickings to Kelly's with a show that's described as "family friendly." And best of all, there's no cover! Carlson will play from 8 pm to midnight. 849-8000

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